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Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Urbanomics helps enhance the strategic management and leadership capabilities of top executives and their organizations by facilitating tailored strategic development systems leveraging Haines Systems Thinking Approach®. Haines is a leading edge, global consortium of strategic management consultants, facilitators and trainers who are renowned for universal and practical application of systems thinking principles for business sustainability.



CPP is another partner that gives us reach and greater impact through their variety of people development solutions including the MBTI, FiroB and TKI to name a few. Collaborating with their staff allows us to combine scale to our strategic heft.

Institute for Personality and Ability Testing (IPAT)

Working with IPAT, Urbanomics offers its clients the premier psychological assessment (16PF Questionnaire 5th Edition offered in 23 languages), and related suite of tools including interpretive reports for employee screening, selection, and placement; performance management development; outplacement consulting; career guidance; teamwork development; and more.


The Leadership Circle

Partnering with The Leadership Circle organization, Urbanomics consultants makes the only 360-feedback assessment tool that is exclusively focused on leadership competencies available to its clients. Our consultants utilized the The Leadership Circle Profile and The Leadership Circle Culture Survey to design organizational developments interventions for clients.


Leadership Versatility index

To offer our organizational clients options for assessing leader effectiveness and planning development, we are affiliated with Kaplan Devries. The LVI is their patented 360-solution for improving organizational results through leadership. It is specifically designed to facilitate leadership versatility.

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