Strategy Thinking

Thinking about strategy or strategic thinking is the fundamental source of competitive advantage or differentiation. Every winning strategy begins first in the mind of a leader or group of leaders and is refined into a set of winning rules that sets its organization apart from others in its industry, field or sector.

Strategic thinking goes beyond looking at what is — it involves imagining what could be by or shifting to a future oriented perspective of the market or environment. It could be a unique take on...

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Strategy Facilitation

Strategy facilitation is the art of design thinking and guiding groups in a process of undertaking strategic thinking to conduct strategic planning. As strategy facilitators, we bring together the best processes, and methodologies available for strategic planning engagements.

In an increasingly changing environment, business as usual just won’t cut it. Competitive advantage and effective creating change begins with the ability to set a clear direction and...

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Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is the disciplined or systematic approach to implementing the strategic plan. Successful organizations consistently, and rapidly, move from thinking to doing. Execution done well is a logical set of connected activities by leadership to make a strategy work and our strategy deployment practices are focused on helping our clients work through the strategy implementation cycles effectively led by senior consultants with significant strategy management experience. We understand how critical it is to have vision, strategy and tactics aligned...

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