Strategy Facilitation

Agreeing on the appropriate planning approach inclusive of methods and processes is critical to identifying challenges, opportunities and effective strategic response.

“It's not the plan that is important, it's the planning.”
Dr Graeme Edwards


Strategy facilitation is the art of design thinking and guiding groups in a process of undertaking strategic thinking to conduct strategic planning. As strategy facilitators, we bring together the best processes, and methodologies available for strategic planning engagements.


In an increasingly changing environment, business as usual just won’t cut it. Competitive advantage and effective creating change begins with the ability to set a clear direction and engaging others in achieving the vision.


Strategic planning is the process by which an executive team develops a strategy to drive significant value creation for organizational stakeholders whether shareholders, employees and customers, partners, constituents or grantees. Most of today’s planning uses a 3 to 5 year horizon, and cascades it into short and medium term strategic priorities and action plans.

Urbanomics supports you in driving your organization’s strategic planning process, giving you the ideal opportunity to demonstrate strategic vision and paving the way for your management team.


We work closely with you to draw on a unique combination of experiences and skills to help you make the planning process a success – one that will drive future value and create buy-in among key stakeholders, through:


  • Extensive experience working on strategy engagements with mid-size businesses to large Fortune corporations.
  • In-depth knowledge of various strategic planning models, method frameworks, and resources drawn from global best practices.
  • An array of facilitation skills to drive process efficiently, overcome resistance to change and foster engagement, commitment and action.
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