Strategy Thinking

Define your strategic direction and a game plan for a detailed plan of action.

“Traditional thinking is all about "what is." Future thinking will also need to be about "what can be.”
Edward de Bono


Thinking about strategy or strategic thinking is the fundamental source of competitive advantage or differentiation. Every winning strategy begins first in the mind of a leader or group of leaders and is refined into a set of winning rules that sets its organization apart from others in its industry, field or sector.


Strategic thinking goes beyond looking at what is — it involves imagining what could be by or shifting to a future oriented perspective of the market or environment. It could be a unique take on the future, or a capacity to imagine new answers to old challenges. Strategic thinking is the foundation to effective strategic planning and strategy formulation.


As a discipline, strategic thinking helps with ensuring leadership develops and decides on insightful strategies and execution that help their teams foster and facilitate differentiation that customers, stakeholders and constituents value.

UCG supports you in fostering strategic ideation and decisioning among leadership by applying the right method frameworks and processes for your unique situation. Some will be well known and widely accepted and others will veer from the conventional path but all will be appropriate.


We draw on almost two decades of experience skillfully helping leaders frame challenges from the varying perspectives of their stakeholders to consider strategic alternatives or scenarios and their advantages:


  • Extensive experience conducting market and sector analysis and competitive intelligence for organizations across sectors including small businesses and mid-market firms, non-profits and private foundations, government agencies and the Fortune ranked.
  • Accomplished strategists who are recognized for their competence in partnering the chief executive, president or executive director to guide the application of strategic modeling and scenario planning.
  • Certified professional facilitators with decades of experience applying an array of facilitation skills and tools to foster strategic environmental assessment, ideation and decisions.
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